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Over the past years Salima Thakker has designed and created several distinctive collections. Some are inspired by nature and life in all its form, colour and detail, others based on trial and error while working on a new challenging piece. The one thing that brings all these different collections together is her eye for detail, her aim for wearability and her technical accuracy for excellence.

Sweets & Treats

While travelling the world, searching for the next ideal raw material, rough and polished stones alike, the occasional ‘coup de foudre’ is never far away. Salima cherishes these love at first sight rare finds. The transition which often starts out as a figment of her imagination, becomes reality which progresses and turns into fine jewellery. Once she embarks on her conceptual journey, Salima translates all the elements with intuition, skill and craft.


The long rich history of Antwerp as the Diamond Centre of the World is a mysterious and fascinating one, so much so that it gives one inspiration beyond measure for a collection based upon the many different and famous diamond cuts. Starting with the most celebrated, the brilliant cut, a source of inspiration of many jewellery pieces were originally designed with this geometric shape. Next came the pear-shaped and emerald shape, and later followed by the marquise and princess cut. The many different ways a diamond is cut is Salima’ inspiration for the Facet Collection.

Dancing Queen

Just as the lyrics from the ABBA song goes, “And when you get the chance …You are a dancing Queen”. The pieces are set with intricate golden beads that tease, flirt and play along when you wear them. Only when you see of the detailing of the piece, do you fully appreciate the true beauty and craftsmanship displayed. The Dancing Queen can be designed to be worn as a plain wedding band, or designed with additional colourful gems or majestically with poetic Cabochon stones.
The collection is part of the earliest beauties in the oeuvre of Salima Thakker Jewellery, which is still high in demand due to their timeless and classical presence.


The pierced structure of the Grid Collection from which these intriguing pieces are made, allows the designer to let her creativity flow in numerous unpredictable ways. Every piece is a challenge in itself, where she contorts and bends, experimenting with the technical boundaries of precious metals. Left untouched, filled with either an additional complementary precious alloy to create contrasts, or set with stones, the Grid Collection’s structure provides endless possibilities that are infinite and where every piece becomes unique.


These fun and repetitive patterned pieces are delicate and come in four different and distinctive colours of gold. Set with diamonds or simply just left as they are, they make the ideal present for occasions alike.
The stackable rings and all their combinations, the One2One Collection can be personalized to suit any individual or style.


Leaving the familiar shapes behind to break into new ground requires extensive knowledge of the characteristics of a material being used and a sure hand. The new facets obtained from precious stone create freedom for the design and that is exactly what Salima aims for in her work. Collaborating with masters in the stone-cutting field, many of her stones are especially cut for many of her designs. The Roulette Collection is a fine example of craftsmanship breaking new ground.
Precious stones are therefor cut to show off their pavilion side, instead of their table. They are then captured in a geometrical golden reflection of their shape.


This rather monumental and architectural way of looking at jewellery finds its roots in the designer’s fascination for reptile skin and intricate structures. By linking numerous tubes of different shapes, looking for the ideal pattern, she succeeds in producing fine and unique pieces that only show off their ingenuity when worn. They trail along the body and take on different shapes, almost becoming a second precious skin.


The Labyrinth Collection is another example of how precious stones can be set in an unconventional way. This collection brings out numerous possibilities. The maze like structure is specifically designed in a minimalist form in order to enhance the graphic lines. These lines capture the light so that the precious stones, which are randomly set into forms, can be allowed to shine and reflect their true beauty to the fullest.In this unique collection of jewellery pieces, usually of gold and silver, suggesting lace wireworks, are often set with agate crystal drusies in many different and spectacular colours.
Obvious and yet subtle, sparkly but not loud, rough though refined. Numerous adjective that can only begin to describe these pieces of which the beauty only becomes clear when admired with the naked eye.


This beautiful material was first popularized in Europe by Jean-Claude Galluchat (d. 1774), a master leatherworker in the court of Louis XV of France. It quickly became a fashion amongst the French aristocracy, and migrated throughout Europe by the mid-18th century.
Since then, it has been used for many decorative purposes as today in jewellery. A rare marriage of this beautiful natural material and time-honoured craft brings out some fun pieces in surprising colours.


Inspired by the most beautiful of gem stones, and their bewitching shapes and colours, shades and grades, that seductively catch the eye. The Princess Collection was brought to life while wandering and wondering through many gem stone fairs, across borders over several years. After a coincidental enquiry about a one of kind ‘Princess’ ring, later led to a series of many more unique pieces, all carrying the very same name.


The sheer playfulness of this truly versatile collection is its unique attraction. What else could we possibly add to one of the oldest designs in the jewellery world? We have only one aim, which is to personalize, accessorize to your specific taste. The Elementals Bracelet is Salima Thakker’s vision for the historic chain linked bracelet, and it comes with an array of different material and colour options where you can mix and match while having fun finding your own personal look. Choosing will be the hardest part when selecting that perfect combination.


Salima celebrates and embraces the love of colour with the Multichrome Collection. She works with either one distinct single colour with the possibility of different precious stones or with a spectrum of colours creating a rainbow effect. Or perhaps a smooth gradation from a flush of intense colour which fades, evolving seamlessly into a different colour.


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