Let’s celebrate 10 summers in Knokke- Le Zoute

We invite you to join us at the the opening of our summer show.

Celebrating 10 summers in Knokke – Le Zoute, together with fellow artists/friends.

In the Knokke boutique, the upper floor will be entirely dedicated to ceramics while the ground floor hosts jewelry. These two spaces will be distinct but share common values such as artisanal craftsmanship and the creation of unique handmade pieces.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting show;

Introducing the ceramic works from Hugo et romain les Bains, gathered by the artistic platform Artecetera.

Marie Mas and Paola Brussino wil be showcasing for the first time their jewellery.

Only this summer from July 22 till August 27.



Outdoor Jewellery!

Antwerp is not only known for beer, chocolate and diamonds but also for its rainy weather!

With our high quality diamond dripping umbrella’s we combat the rainy days with some sparkle!

The umbrella’s are available for purchase at Salima Thakker’s Flagship store in Antwerp.

Price 110€